Intro to Google’s Material Design – A recap from NovaUX

Last night I attended the NovaUX meetup featuring presentations on Getting Hired as a UX Designer by Chrissy Ching from HireStrategy and Google’s Material Design by Roman Nurik, a Design Advocate at Google. Thanks to NovaUX, HireStrategy, Chrissy and Roman for a very informative event! Here is a recap of the material design presentation for anyone who was not able to attend.

What is material design?

Material design is a flexible design system that provides a more coherent cross-platform experience. With material design, 3rd parties are given more freedom to express themselves and their brand. Material design also incorporates a rational approach to visual interaction and motion design by combining the best of flat design and skeuomorphism.

Material Design’s 4 Key Elements:

1) Tangible surfaces – Everything has a sense of depth, and is designed like sheets of paper sitting on top of each other.


2) Print-like design – Everything is designed incorporating principles of good print design. Text is arranged like ink on paper.


3) Meaningful motion – Motions and interactions aid in telling the story of what is happening in the UI.


4) Adaptive design – A single design system that adapts to different environments (devices).


Some tools and resources to help you if you are interested in getting started:

Tools for prototyping motions:

  • After Effects
  • Polymer
  • Framer.js
  • Keynote/PowerPoint

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